A memo from the Treasurer:

For the attention of players who are UK tax payers

As EDO is a charity, it can claim Gift Aid for a proportion of the registration fee paid by UK tax-payers. This is regarded as a donation and is 75% of the total registration fee currently. To do this I require a completed Gift Aid declaration form. A blank copy is available below.  Many UK tax-payers will also be able to claim a small amount of personal tax relief if such a donation is declared on their personal tax return to HMRC. This does not apply to players from outside the UK.


Andrew Hoy

EDO Treasurer




Letter about gift aid for players who are UK tax payers (May 2020)
This document describes the EDO's gift aid arrangements. It is addressed to past and prospective players who are UK tax payers but who have not returned a gift aid form to the Treasurer. The letter also contains details about the amounts being claimed which may be helpful to all participating players.
EDO GAletrev May2020.pdf
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EDO gift aid form
EDO gift aid form
EDO Charity Gift Aid Blank.docx
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