European Doctors Orchestra - making music for a good cause

As a European Orchestra and as Doctors, we, the players of the EDO, wish to express our concern for, and solidarity with, the people of Ukraine: for the devastation of their country, the loss they are suffering, the hardship and fear they face due to the brutal and unjustifiable Russian invasion and war against their country.  This is very distressing in such times when Europe and the world seek harmony and respect for all peoples.  

When EDO played in Eastern Europe in June 2022, in Olomouc, Czech Republic we were pleased to show our support for the people of Ukraine by wearing sunflower badges and starting our concert with the Ukrainian national anthem. Our concert raised money for medical relief in Ukraine.  Please see the link to this on Youtube.

EDO exists to make music together as doctors from all over Europe and to raise funds for local charities at each and every concert.

Who we are and what we do...

We are an orchestra made up of doctors from across Europe.  We perform at least two public charity concerts a year, aiming to promote the public's understanding in the performance and appreciation of music, and also to benefit other charity projects (usually related to health and well-being).  


The 2013 @ITVCentral video by @andybevanitv provides an excellent audio-visual introduction to the European Doctors Orchestra and our longstanding work.


The orchestra performs right across Europe...

Past concert locations have included Czech Republic (Olomouc-2022),  France (Nantes-2019/2020/2023), Germany (Bad Nauheim & Wiesbaden-2023; Berlin-2007/2013; Essen-2019), Hungary (Budapest-2006/2016), Italy (Verona-2008), the Netherlands (Rotterdam-2017), Norway (Oslo-2011), Poland (Poznan-2009), Romania (Bucharest-2005), Slovenia (Ljubljana-2015), Switzerland (Bern-2014), and the United Kingdom (Belfast-2017; Birmingham-2013; Coventry-2018; Edinburgh-2010; Gateshead Newcastle-2011/2016; London-2012/2014/2015/2018/2022; Manchester-2019).

The recording of our June 2022 concert in the Czech Republic at Moravská Filharmonie Olomouc can still be viewed online.

Registered charity number: 1154799

The European Doctors Orchestra aims to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in the performance and appreciation of music, by the presentation of public concerts and recitals, and to further the work of other charitable organisations involved.