Contacting our section organisers / Eligibility to play

Our section organisers welcome enquiries throughout the year from potential players from across Europe.  Any  doctor in Europe (working or retired) and of Grade 8 or equivalent standard may apply. 

Section Organiser


Jennifer Waters
Violas Julian Elias
Cellos Ruth Nash
Basses Bob McFarland
Woodwind Karen Riddle
Horns Heinz Zimmermann
Trumpets and Trombones Robin Schwerdtfeger
Percussion Rohan Shotton

Applying for a place in a concert

Places for a performance are usually recruited up to five months in advance of each event in order to give players extra time to book holiday and rearrange clinics etc.  Section organisers may also contact recent players directly by email, inviting them to apply and giving details of the next concert. Players should reply promptly to the section organisers, who will subsequently inform players if they have been offered a place. You must then confirm your acceptance within 14 days, or risk losing the place.  Section organisers may manage a waiting list to fill places that become available.


NOTE: DO NOT PAY OR BOOK FLIGHTS ETC. UNTIL YOUR PLACE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE SECTION ORGANISER. Most sections of the orchestra are now oversubscribed and not everyone will be able to play in every concert. 

Preparing for the event

Music parts will be circulated for study and practice prior to the concert. 

The concert weekend

A typical concert weekend comprises two days of intensive rehearsals, both orchestral and sectional, from 0900 - 1700, usually at a venue other than that of the concert, which has usually been on the Sunday. There is usually a rehearsal on the Thursday evening and there is a final rehearsal on the day of the concert at the concert venue. Attendance at ALL rehearsal sessions is expected for those successful in obtaining a place. 

There are mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea breaks, and an hour’s lunch break. 

A Social Programme is organised for the evenings and a reception after the concert.