Bad Nauheim & Wiesbaden, Germany - Sunday 23 & Mon 24 April 2023 


The European Doctors Orchestra

Deutscher Ärztechor - The German Doctors Choir


Christopher Morris Whiting conductor

Fabian Kühn choir master


Camila Ribero-Souza soprano
Silvia Hauer alto
Michael Connaire tenor
Stephanos Tsirakoglo bass


Verdi: Requiem


There will be two performances:

Sunday 23 April 2023 5.00 pm in the Jugendstil Theater of Bad Nauheim. Tickets available here.
Monday 24 April 2023 7.30 pm in the Lutherkirche of Wiesbaden. Tickets available here.


(Player registration closes 15 February 2023; rehearsals begin 9am Friday 21 April 2023)